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     Due to unforeseen circumstances, the competition this year has been cancelled.  We would encourage students to go on ahead and create their 2024 YouTube performance video and add to your YouTube channel so that you can appreciate it later in life.  Thank you for your support and best wishes!                                                                     








     Congratulations to the 2023 winners!  We would like to thank all the students for submitting their performances and especially for their dedication to excellence in the arts.  We are very excited to announce this year that we were able to recognize and award additional students in each division and 3 students in the Piano Concerto Division.  Again, congratulations to the 2023 winners and to all the supportive parents and inspiring teachers.  In no particular order, the top performances picked as winners who will receive awards from each division are the following: 


Piano Solo Division I: Grades 11 & 12

Minkyung Kim, Aaron Zhu, Bryant Li,

John Vultaggio, Natalie Su, Andrew Guan

Piano Solo Division II: Grades 9 & 10

Justin Sun, Sophia Kuo, Bowen Ma,

Luke Speller, Viet Ha, Tiffany Zhang

Piano Solo Division III: Grades 7 & 8

Chris Hao, Amelia Bauernschmitt, Andrew Nan

Josephine Chow, David Li, Chanya Methaprayoon

Piano Concerto Division: Grades 10-12

Bryant Li, Brigham Smith, Aaron Zhu




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South Texas Piano Competition is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

dedicated to provide performance opportunities and recognize

talented young pianists from across the state. It is our mission to

advance classical music and bring together musicians, businesses,

and members of the community in support of the arts.

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Support the Arts

   Only through the generosity of sponsors and donors are we able to provide awards for young artists and continue to honor classical music.  Support us by contacting us for sponsorship opportunities.  Every donation will be important to us.  Thank you for Supporting the Arts!

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