Congratulations to the 2022 winners!  We would like to thank all of the competitors who submitted their videos.  This was an exciting year for the competition due to the fact that since we did not have a competition last year, we were able to give more scholarship awards this year.  In no particular order, the top performances picked as winners who will receive awards from each division are the following:

Division I:  Khang Ma, Lubbock; Ellen Foreman, San Antonio; Tri Ha, Houston;

   Wonhyo Lee, Harker Heights; Bryant Li, Katy; Louis Geer, San Antonio

Division II:  Andrew Guan, Pearland; Sumita Dantu, Edinburg; Viet Ha, Houston; Bill Sun, Katy;

   Natalie Su, Sugar Land; Dylan Lee, Cypress; Tiffany Zhang, Katy; Ariana Hernandez, Mission

Division III:  Chanya Methaprayoon, Katy; Luke Speller, League City; Michelle Liu, San Antonio;

   Arjun Chandupatla, Katy; David Li, Bellaire

   Congratulations again to these amazing students who have dedicated many hours of practice for their performances.  Thank you to the parents, teachers and mentors for your devotion to these students!  The 2023 competition will be the same but will also include a Piano Concerto Division.  Students may compete in both the Piano Solo and Piano Concerto Division.  See you next year!

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