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Colorful Musical Notes

     One of our principles in our organization is to support the arts in our communities through outreach initiatives.  As part of our commitment to support classical music education for our youth, we will be benefiting After-School Piano Programs in South Texas through our Colorful Musical Notes program by providing some of the music books needed and by presenting educational programs to encourage and inspire students to study music.

Pharr Community Theater

     In collaboration with the City of Pharr and the PSJA Independent School District, the after-school program offers piano lessons as well as other music, theater, and art programs to any student interested in participating.

     Drs. Elva and Keith Michal are the co-founders of the Pharr Theater.  The program teaches piano students from age 5 and is open to all students, including surrounding communities.  The program believes in the positive impact that music has on the children learning confidence and creativity, but most importantly the program offers piano lessons to students who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

South Texas

Piano Competition

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